PSI Brand, New Zealand’s leading innovators in permanent graphics for plastics have developed a certification process, after which any new or existing plastic craftsman, can follow to ensure operator confidence and brilliant results.

The process

Step One:

PSI Certified

Log into portal, watch tutorial and videos of all aspects of the plastics decoration process, answer a series of multi choice questions to test your knowledge. Once you have passed the multi choice test, you are officially PSI Certified.

Step Two:

PSI Approved

We prefer and promote accredited partners that confidently use our branding methods. To become approved, this involves submitting a video of your plastic branding process, to ensure that it meets our quality assurance requirements and become PSI Approved

Step Three:

PSI Masterclass

The true badge of honour is to become a PSI Master. To gain this title, attend a face-to-face training session, to cement your skills at the highest level and demonstrate a full understanding of the PSI Brand systems and processes. Attend PSI Masterclass for success!